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I cannot say enough good things about Dan and Profits Marketing Group. Wow! I came to him with the monumental task of reaching out to 100,000 locals with my City Council campaign message and Profits Marketing Group delivered under budget. The process went really well. Dan and I sat down and talked about what message and who my target audience was. He listened. We went back and forth with ideas and would adjust along the way. In the end, we surprised the majority of the target market with how well our campaign performed. Personable and honest are not two words that usually go in the same sentence with a marketing group, but that is just what was done. Videos, pictures, messages and the knowledge of where to put them and when. That is exactly what Profits Marketing Group did for me.
Attorney Dan Smith (San Diego Defenders)
In 2014 Dan Harris, from Profits Marketing Group, approached me to add video as part my law firm marketing. Realizing the importance of a multi-media approach to broaden my company’s reach of clients especially younger demographics I hired Dan to add video to my web site and to add a YouTube presence. I found Dan to be extremely knowledgeable, patient and easy to work with. The videos were produced on-time and within the budget promised. Dan took, what I envisioned as being a complex process, and made it streamlined and effective. I’m pleased I made the decision to go with Profits Marketing Group to upgrade my marketing to the 21st Century.
Law Offices of Daniel M Little
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