About Us

Who We Are

Profits Marketing Group provides predictable lead generation via video marketing and targeted digital advertising to help businesses drive more traffic to their website and profits to their bottom line. Our mission isn’t to serve large, corporate clients. Instead, we are passionate about helping local businesses…the very ones that we patronize, to thrive in the competitive digital business world. At Profits Marketing Group, we believe that you can’t be experts in all marketing channels, so we don’t try to. We specialize in just a few services that can exponentially grow local businesses, Video marketing and targeted digital (online) advertising. These features, when done properly can grow a local business rapidly and predictably. We have specific expertise in medical, healthcare, and legal digital marketing.

  • We are a local San Diego business just like yours.
  • Unlike many agencies, we don’t try to be experts in everything. Instead, we focus on our strengths: Video Marketing, Digital advertising, Medical and healthcare marketing, and Legal Marketing. We leave web design and social media management to the others.
  • We work with your video marketing project from scripting to production and editing, to optimization and video SEO so that your videos will rank and be found!
  • For digital advertising, we know the demographics of San Diego so we can help target your ads more effectively and reduce costs to ensure maximum advertising ROI for your budget.
  • We won’t outsource your project overseas or to off-shore firms and will handle most tasks in-house.
  • We provide detailed data, analytics, and reports so you can measure it all.

Profits Marketing Group leads workshops educating small business owners about how to leverage video marketing to grow their businesses and how to use digital advertising, such as Facebook, YouTube, and display ads to quickly expand your online visibility and provide measurable return on marketing investment.