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Most of us in the digital marketing realm have come to realize the power of video and that video marketing will be the wave of the advertising and marketing future. Many savvy business owners have also come to the same realization and are making efforts to re-focus their branding and marketing to capitalize on this phenomenon. The problem with video marketing lies in the mysteries, myths, and misconceptions.

Myth #1: Video is only for the “big dogs” or those brands and companies that have tens of thousands of dollars to invest. This is a commonly-held misconception but in reality, a video marketing campaign can be reasonably well done and implemented on a relative shoestring budget. This fact actually enables smaller businesses to compete on a more level playing field with the “big dogs”, since they no longer have to aim for TV or radio advertising which are significantly more expensive. A reasonable video marketing “starter kit”, which would include camera, audio equipment, tripod, and even decent lighting system can all be purchased at around the $500 range. As the technology has evolved, high quality video cameras have dropped to under $100 and are capable of shooting at full HD quality and in various environments.

Myth #2: I would freeze-up in front of the camera so I would have to hire a professional actor for my video. This one is very common among business owners that we work with but is actually untrue. First, we explain to the business owner that they are the expert in whatever field they are in and know far more than a potential client or customer who is watching the video. The biz owner can often anticipate the common questions and answer them in the video for the viewer. Also, the “authenticity factor” of the biz owner coming across as genuine and believable (rather than reading from a script) is far more powerful than a paid actor or spokesperson.

Myth #3: In order to get attention, it needs to be a flashy “Hollywood” production. This one could not be further from the truth. Think of most of the videos that have gone viral on YouTube and I doubt very many of them are well-produced. People care about the content and not the production value. In addition, it relates back to the authenticity factor again that your videos do not have to have high-tech editing tricks or a great musical score playing with it. Just add value, be engaging, and most importantly be yourself.

Myth #4: I don’t have enough ideas to come up with many videos. Remember again that you are the expert in your given field, right? So, you can create a short video for each frequently asked question that you get from customers, clients, or patients. Also, you can create short videos that highlight what sets your product or service apart from the others. Just with those 2 categories, you could easily create 10-20 videos. All of your videos should be short because attention spans online are not very long. People browsing the web will move on to the next one if you ramble on and on. Don’t make it “salesy”, just answer questions and add value for the viewer. So, get to the point, keep it 2-3 minutes maximum, and be yourself.

Myth #5: I need expensive movie making or editing software to do this. Wrong. 10 years ago, this was basically true but now, there is software included on Macs or PC’s that can do basic editing really well. For PC’s, Windows Live Movie Maker although not spectacular, is certainly capable of easily trimming, editing, or splicing pieces of your video together into a nice, cohesive movie. Mac users actually have it a little better as iMovie comes standard on most Macs and not only can do all of the above very easily (just drag and drop) but also has tons of non-licensed music available that you can add to your movie, if you want. Sure, there are still expensive video editing software out there but you don’t need to make it complicated.

Myth #6: I already have a great website, Facebook page, or other social media channels. I don’t need video. This is painfully wrong. Although having the other pieces in place are important, video is huge for several reasons. First, unlike a Facebook post, blog article, tweet, or anything else, video allows you to connect with your potential client/customer more effectively. In fact, it is the next best thing to meeting them face-to-face. They see you, hear your voice, watch your body language, and simply engage and connect more than if they are just reading text or looking at pictures.

Second, everyone cares about how their website ranks on Google because without that, no one will find you no matter how cool your website may be. Search engine optimization or SEO is the critical buzzword out there that relates to techniques to improve your rankings. Video is your most powerful weapon in this battle. YouTube is the 2nd largest and most used search engine on the planet! More than Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and all other smaller ones combined. You say, “well, Google is really the only one that matters”. Google saw enough value in video that they bought YouTube and now video content is heavily indexed on Google too. What that means is that even if you don’t have a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account, your short little videos are going to make Google happy and cause your rankings to move up higher.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, since I am thinking of others as I write this post. Hopefully though, I have made my case for why video is so important and why you shouldn’t let these myths stand in your way of getting started and growing the heck out of your business.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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