How Much Online Presence Does Your Local Business Really Need?

Digital-Marketing1As a local business owner, you realize that being online is essential. You have your website and you probably have put up a Facebook page and maybe a Twitter channel, right? But, is that enough?

First of all, congratulations on investing your time and money in digital marketing because you know that a web presence is critical. Unfortunately, the sheer number of social media channels, local directory sites, and other online “hangouts” make it tough for even very tech-savvy business owners to know where or how to establish a foothold in the digital universe. Even those who do, often don”t have the time to invest.

So, is there an easier way? Do you really need all of these sites and channels to be successful online? The answers are yes and no, respectively. One step which can ease the burden of having to post and syndicate your stuff on countless individual sites is to link them together. For example, there are simple tools available which can take a blog post, article, video, etc. that you posted to your company site, and it will automatically post it to any linked social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google , etc.). This process of linking your blog to these sites comin ladattava Casino ja selainpuoli on suomennettu laadukkaasti ja asiakaspalvelukin toimii suomeksi. is a one-time step so will save you lots of time and energy in the future.

mzm.hwhsrzniAs far as the need for all social media channels and directory sites to be successful, I would assert that your energies would be better spent mastering just a few, rather than dabbling in 20. Sure, Facebook and Twitter are huge presences for some businesses but if you are looking for one of the digital marketing tricks that will give the biggest bang-for-your-time buck, start employing video into your website or blog. Video has a huge pull with major search engines (e.g. Google) and is reasonably under-utilized at this point.

The next step would be to make a small investment in display advertising which is a powerful tool for targeting your desired market, as opposed to blanketing your entire community or city with print ads, mailers, or even radio or TV spots. Display ads are the ones that you see in the margin of major sites such as Facebook, CNN, ESPN, etc. and they target both your geographic location (known as geotargeting) and your browsing habits. Cool, huh? These ads can drive eyes to your website and customers to call or visit your store.

Now that your digital marketing road map is a little easier to navigate, you can get back to simply running your business.

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