So You Think You Know How Online Ads Work?

Many business owners invest a significant amount of their marketing budget on advertising and, hopefully they understand how those ad campaigns work. The advertising arena is changing rapidly in its transition toward digital media and away from more traditional types (e.g. print ads, direct mail, etc.). There is a new learning curve which is leaving business owners and even, quite honestly some seasoned digital marketers scrambling to learn exactly how the new display advertising techniques work and how best to target your desired audience.

A new concept known as “Re-Targeted” ads has emerged and is proving to be hugely influential. You probably have even been exposed to it or “retargeted” and perhaps not even been aware of it. What exactly is retargeting? Retargeting ensures that your ads continue to billboard-advertisementget shown to your best prospects – those that have already expressed interest.

  • Ads “follow” your visitors
  • Highest ROI advertising
  • Incorporated into your campaigns
  • Geo-targeted to within 15 mile radius

An example of this phenomenon would be a person living in Seattle, WA who does an online search for Product A. Later, perhaps weeks later, when this same person is on another site (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.) display ads on the side or bottom of the site will continue appearing in their feed. In other words, the ads continue to follow them. This helps keep that product or service (that they may or may not still be interested Het is dus niet zoals blackjack het leren van lange lijsten van strategieen en het doen van ingewikkelde berekeningen of zoals roulette waar je honderden verschillende inzetten kunt doen: waar begin je?. in) always fresh in their mind and eyes. Statistically, we know that most purchases occur after multiple exposures (4-5 or more), as opposed to a first time “pull the trigger” type of purchase.

The other very cool point is the “geo-targeting” component which enables the ad to only go to those within a certain distance away from the store or manufacturer of this product or service. Also, the targeting can be limited to certain demographics such as men between ages of 25-35, for example. How cool is it that a business owner no longer has to throw their advertising “net” (and money) at everything and everyone in the community, when in fact only certain demographics would be likely to buy it? What a concept! Only pay for ads to the “right” audience.

Keep watching and listening to your favorite online sites and you will notice more and more of this type of advertising. Sooner or later, it will become the standard. Are you ready?


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