Why Are Local Businesses Afraid of Video Marketing?

OK, so most of us know that digital marketing is big and video is huge! Just how huge, you ask? Try that websites using video are 50 times more likely to rank on page 1 of Google than those without! Once they find your site, visitors stay an extra 2-3 minutes longer on average if your site has videos and, they are 65% more likely to purchase something. Pretty powerful, right? Why then do many smaller, local businesses not take advantage of this weapon? Being a marketer, this question has always baffled and frustrated me until I did a little more research.

red-rounded-square-with-number-1-mdMost local biz owners think that video is too expensive and therefore out of their marketing budget. In reality, a good quality video marketing campaign can be far less expensive than TV or radio ads and often, even direct mail marketing.


red-rounded-with-number-2-mdThese same business owners mistakenly assume that video is very difficult and too technical for them to ever try themselves. While I am certainly not suggesting that they should simply walk around shooting video on their iPhones, I will say that fairly high-resolution video equipment can be purchased for pennies on the dollar as compared to 6-8 years ago. A decent tripod, some basic lighting, a microphone, and the video camera itself can all be purchased for well under $1000 (closer to $500 if you shop around). Also, basic editing and uploading videos has been drastically improved by sites such as YouTube, where videos can be edited within your channel itself.

red-rounded-with-number-3-mdPerhaps the most troublesome excuse is often paralyzing to businesses and that is the classic line of “I wouldn’t look good or know what to say on camera”. Although I understand the initial apprehension, we teach businesses that they know far more about their given product or service than the viewers or consumers do. They are, in fact the experts on the subject. From there, all that is needed is the perspective that you are simply talking one-on-one with that prospective customer/client/patient and answering their questions.

man handshake┬áThe true power of video marketing lies in the “connection” that you can make with that prospective customer. Think about it. Unlike a blog post, Facebook comment, or even pictures, video allows them to hear your voice, see your face and body language, and really feel as though they know you. It is truly the next best thing to meeting face-to-face and shaking their hands. Statistically, consumers are far more likely to become your customer if they know, like, and respect you. So, what are you waiting for?

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