Quick Tips To Better Video Part 1: Research and Scripting Videos For Impact

Last week, we introduced our new “Quick Video Tips” series and here is episode 1- Research and Scripting to make your videos on-point, be found by your audiences, and convert better. Scripting may not be a sexy topic, but it can be the most critical piece of effective video content #VideoMarketing #OnlineVideo #VideoContent #VideoTips

Why Video Is Such a Valuable Marketing Tool

We know all of the stats about how impactful video can be in your marketing strategy, but did you ever wonder why? We love video because it tells a story and it engages just like a face-to-face meeting. Stop making TV commercials and start telling stories your audience will watch. #VideoMarketing #DigitalMarketing #DigitalStorytelling #SocialMediaMarketing

The Three Worst Things To Do When You Get A Bad Online Review

All business owners know that your online reputation and reviews from customers, clients, or patients is critical. In fact, Google includes online reviews highly in determining where your business ranks in search. Unfortunately, many business owners live in fear of getting bad reviews and don’t know what to do if that should happen. In reality, […]