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Digital Marketing for Quality Lead Generation

One of several great advantages to digital marketing is to be able to predictably generate not only leads, but quality leads. No tire kickers here, these people are already searching for what you offer, but you need to stop selling and build trust #DigitalMarketing #LeadGeneration #SocialMediaMarketing

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Digital Advertising-The Only Factor That Really Matters

Digital advertising via Facebook ads, Google or YouTube video ads, etc. can produce lots of rewards for businesses online. Views, shares, and clicks are nice, but really only 1 factor matters: lead generation. In other words, is your subscriber list growing or your phone ringing more often?

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Online Lead Generation for Attorneys and Law Firms Using Video

Lead generation is critical for attorney marketing or law firm marketing. San Diego attorneys and legal firms know they need a nice website and social media presence, but their competitors already have that too. What they need is a digital marketing tool to stand-out and to generate qualified leads online. After all, if you paid for a lead who doesn’t become a client, did you really benefit from that lead?
We help attorneys and law firms in various niches (estate planning, DUI, personal injury, business law, criminal defense, probate, to name a few) to generate leads with 2 tools: video and digital advertising. We know that a qualified lead can be worth thousands to your practice, while others are worthless.

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3 Critical Steps To Digital Marketing Success

3 steps to digital marketing success aren’t complicated but are critically important. 1) creating great, relevant content; 2) Getting it in front of the right audience (either organically or via paid ads); and 3) Lead generation and capture.

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Online Lead Generation- Are You Getting It Wrong?

Having a great website and social media channels is a good start but unless they are generating leads and new business, they aren’t really helping much. Many fail at lead generation and capture and here are some common mistakes and misconceptions.

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