Quick Tips for Better Video Final Episode: Creating Multiple Pieces of Content from 1 Video

Here is the conclusion to my “Quick Tips to Great Video” series where I cover how to create multiple pieces of content from a single video. After all, creating videos can be work so why not get the biggest bang for your buck? #VideoMarketing #VideoCreation #SocialMediaVideo #VideoProduction

Quick Tips for Better Video Series #5- How To Never Run Out Of Great Content

Here is video #5 in our “Quick Tips To Great Video” series. Up to now, I’ve talked about research, scripting, shooting, and editing your videos, but how do you come up with great content ideas? Here are a few simple tips to help #VideoMarketing #QuickTipsToGreatVideo #VideoStrategy #VideoMarketingStrategy

Quick Tips To Better Video Part 1: Research and Scripting Videos For Impact

Last week, we introduced our new “Quick Video Tips” series and here is episode 1- Research and Scripting to make your videos on-point, be found by your audiences, and convert better. Scripting may not be a sexy topic, but it can be the most critical piece of effective video content #VideoMarketing #OnlineVideo #VideoContent #VideoTips

Video Marketing- What Type Of Videos Should You Be Making?

Video marketing is no longer a “back burner” option, but needs to be a primary component of your marketing strategy. You’ve seen the stats- video is viewed 5-6X longer than traditional content, 1200% more video shares on Facebook than other posts, over 75% of consumers state that watching online video influenced their purchasing decision, etc. […]