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Local Business Advertising- When Should You Start and Which Type of Ads?

Local business owners know that advertising helps bring attention to their business and, hopefully customers or clients as well. Many have now transitioned to online or digital ads as they realize that their target audience is increasingly online, mobile, and savvy. The difficulty for many (and even some of us in the industry) is knowing […]

Display Advertising for Local Business- Profits Marketing Group

Stop throwing your marketing dollars toward your entire community and hoping for the best. Display ads allow you to target the audience you want at rates that won’t break the marketing bank.  

How Much Online Presence Does Your Local Business Really Need?

As a local business owner, you realize that being online is essential. You have your website and you probably have put up a Facebook page and maybe a Twitter channel, right? But, is that enough? First of all, congratulations on investing your time and money in digital marketing because you know that a web presence […]

So You Think You Know How Online Ads Work?

Many business owners invest a significant amount of their marketing budget on advertising and, hopefully they understand how those ad campaigns work. The advertising arena is changing rapidly in its transition toward digital media and away from more traditional types (e.g. print ads, direct mail, etc.). There is a new learning curve which is leaving […]