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What You Need To Know About Video Marketing To Be Successful

People creating online videos often focus on things that don’t matter (equipment, staging, camera fear, etc) rather than on what does matter (strategy, marketing, distribution). Stop being paralyzed waiting for the ideal equipment and start making videos that resonate with your audience. #VideoMarketing #OnlineVideo #SocialMediaMarketing #VideoProduction

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3 Critical Components To Great Videos (Hint, it’s Not Equipment)

Your clients expect video in 2020 but making great videos doesn’t have to be hard. Quit worrying about equipment and focus on these 3 critical elements to make your videos stand out and convert. #VideoMarketing #VideoProduction #OnlineVideo #SocialMediaMarketing

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Video SEO: What It Is and Why You Should Use It?

The concept of search engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing content (or websites) with keyword phrases to increase ranking in search engines like Google. But to many business owners (and non-guru types), the concept is quite mysterious and even a little scary. I mean let’s face it, Google literally changes the equation (algorithm) several times each month.
Something you may not know if that SEO is particularly effective for videos and is known as Video SEO. The great part is that you don’t necessarily need to create new video content to take advantage of this. If you have old videos that already are on your YouTube channel, you can simply “dress them up” by editing the titles, descriptions, and tags to include more relevant or current keywords that you are vying for. This technique (totally legit by the way) “tricks” Google or YouTube into re-crawling the video again. Yes, as if it were created today. How cool is that?
And since Google LOVES video, this technique can put your old, boring content on steroids.
Happy SEO. #SearchEngineOptimization #SEO #VideoSEO #VideoMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing

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San Diego Video Marketing- Video Production vs Video Marketing

Business owners in San Diego know the impact of video for their business marketing. Online video is watched 5-6X longer, are shared significantly more than other content, and viewers engage with video. But the concept of “build it and they will come” does not apply to videos, online content, or even websites any longer. You need marketing to get your desired audience to see your stuff.

When I lead video marketing workshops with small business owners and entrepreneurs, the issue of video production vs video marketing often comes up, so let’s clarify. Video production companies shoot, edit, and produce high-quality videos. Nothing more. Period. End of sentence. In reality, these videos become very costly digital assets that don’t actually do much to help your marketing.

Video marketing agencies, on the other hand, create those same high-quality business videos, but then optimize them and help distribute them online, specifically to enhance the chances of them showing up in search, social media, etc. This not only helps them to “rank” online, but significantly improves the likelihood that your target market will view them. Our agency even goes a step further by doing thorough research in advance of creating the videos to ensure that we script them to reach and better resonate with your audience.

Hope this quick tutorial was helpful and we would love to answer any questions you might have.

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Video Marketing- What Type Of Videos Should You Be Making?

Video marketing is no longer a “back burner” option, but needs to be a primary component of your marketing strategy. You’ve seen the stats- video is viewed 5-6X longer than traditional content, 1200% more video shares on Facebook than other posts, over 75% of consumers state that watching online video influenced their purchasing decision, etc. etc.
But what types of videos should you be making? There are many options and here I will discuss a few of the pros and cons to each.

  1. Explainer videos- direct, on camera videos that walk the viewer through how a product or service works, benefits, etc. These are powerful and people often search for information to learn how something works.
  2. Interviews- this type involves the video producer conducting an interview of a guest or expert. This type of video has the advantages of taking some of the focus off of the video host (in case you get a little nervous being on camera), and also add credibility or authority as you are in charge and asking the questions of the guests.
  3. Animated or white board videos- these little doodle or cartoon videos have several advantages, but also some limitations. First, they require no one to be on-camera at all, and they traditionally have higher rates of engagement (e.g. more views, shares, etc.) due to the novelty of the animation. Not as many businesses do this type of video, so they tend to stand out. Downsides- they require special software or are VERY expensive to produce custom videos. Also, although engagement is high, conversion is actually lower than our next type of video.
  4. On-camera or “talking head” videos. These are the most common type of videos where the subject is the one on camera talking to viewers. The obvious downside here is that it requires you to be on camera, but remember that it isn’t live video so you can pause or “cut” as you need to. The upsides are that it requires the least effort to create them and the conversion rate tends to be the highest. The reason for this is that viewers feel a connection to you, the one on camera, and people tend to become customers of people that they know, like, and trust.
  5. The final category is the newest and that is live streaming video. Upsides are that there are now numerous platforms where you can live stream from: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram, etc., so you can pick the one where your audience is most likely to hang-out. Also, the platforms listed above have changed their algorithms to reward live video. For example, Facebook Live videos are statistically about 8-10X more likely to appear in newsfeeds vs. traditional videos. This means more organic views for you. Downsides do exist though. Production quality is usually a lot lower as you are using your phone or mobile device, rather than a quality digital camera, and you have no ability to edit the videos after the fact, as THEY ARE LIVE! Also, because they are live, there tends to be a little stronger fear-factor as you cannot pause, cut, or stop shooting without it being obvious that you did so.
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