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How Is Your Advertising Performing? Questions You Should Be Asking

It’s safe to say that most small-to-medium sized businesses realize that they need marketing and/or advertising to remain competitive today. For those who use advertising, there are some essential questions you should be asking and some basic data that you should be examining. First of all, you need to ask the question “where does my […]

Small Business Workshop on Digital Advertising at SCORE San Diego

You’ve tried Facebook ads or Google AdWords for your business but it’s confusing to know how to reach your audience and how much budget you should spend. At our Digital Advertising for Small Business workshop, we will walk you through various ad platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc.), how to target your audience, and how to […]

Why You Don’t Need To Hire An SEO Company To Promote Your Business

If you are a local business owner, no doubt you are contacted on a weekly basis by companies claiming that that they can get your website to page 1 on Google, guaranteed. These companies specialize in search engine optimization or SEO. There are also dozens (if not hundreds) of software tools and online subscriptions which […]