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Small Business Workshop on Digital Advertising at SCORE San Diego

You’ve tried Facebook ads or Google AdWords for your business but it’s confusing to know how to reach your audience and how much budget you should spend. At our Digital Advertising for Small Business workshop, we will walk you through various ad platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc.), how to target your audience, and how to […]

Online Marketing- Stop Asking What It Costs, Ask What Is My ROI?

With your marketing campaigns, if the 1st question out of your mouth is “how much will it cost”, you’re looking at it the wrong way. Your question should be “what will I get from my investment?”.

Why Local Business Owners Should Be Running Facebook Ads

To position yourself in front of an online audience with organic reach is now virtually impossible. Here is why local businesses need to be running Facebook ads now.

Digital Advertising Tips-Reducing Ad Spend and Maximizing ROI

We all know that digital advertising, such as Facebook advertising, can be huge but we don’t need to spend a fortune. Here are some quick tips to help you reduce ad budget and improve your ROI.