Stop Struggling With Your Social Media Strategy

See How You Can Coax More Clicks from Your Social Media Postings It’s hard enough making sure you fit enough time into your day to make your social media efforts happen. It’s a tragedy if all of that effort is for naught! After racking your brain to make thoughtful and useful posts for your Facebook, […]

Why Are Local Businesses Afraid of Video Marketing?

OK, so most of us know that digital marketing is big and video is huge! Just how huge, you ask? Try that websites using video are 50 times more likely to rank on page 1 of Google than those without! Once they find your site, visitors stay an extra 2-3 minutes longer on average if […]

6 Video Marketing Myths Debunked- Profits Marketing Group

Most of us in the digital marketing realm have come to realize the power of video and that video marketing will be the wave of the advertising and marketing future. Many savvy business owners have also come to the same realization and are making efforts to re-focus their branding and marketing to capitalize on this […]