Is Your Online Reputation Helping or Hurting Your Business?

In our digital world, your business is as good as your reviews. What is your online reputation saying about you and what can you do about it? You know, as I was shopping today it occurred to me that I rarely patronize any business without checking their ‪‎online reviews‬ first. Apparently, I am not alone as […]

Targeted Video Marketing for Medical and Healthcare Practices

Word of mouth and patient referrals aren’t enough to sustain a medical practice these days. Your audience searches online and wants to connect with you.

Video Production vs Video Marketing

Being in the video marketing business, it still catches me off-guard at times when I talk to business owners who have invested huge amounts of money into having professional videos made for their business and have little or nothing to show for that investment. Oh, sure…they have cool looking videos and an awesome YouTube channel […]