Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Targeted Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Organic reach for your social media and content marketing posts has drastically reduced over the past couple of years making it tougher to reach your target audience by simply posting great content. We specialize in creating targeted Facebook or Instagram digital advertising campaigns to expand your reach, laser-target your desired audiences, and produce conversions.
We have setup and managed literally hundreds of campaigns for lead generation, brand engagement, and conversions in various niches ranging from medical, healthcare, legal, and financial services, sustainable energy, real estate/mortgage, among others and many of our clients have been with us for well over 5 years. Our services include strategy development to create the right objective for your campaign, expert copywriting and content creation to make your ads more engaging, thorough audience targeting so you don’t waste ad budget, bidding and managing budget, to providing detailed data reports weekly.
What’s more, we include setting up or customizing your Facebook pixel to ensure proper conversion tracking and the ability to perform audience retargeting to skyrocket your ROI.