Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Does your local business have a marketing strategy?
  • Does that strategy include digital marketing?
  • Are you considering online advertising or already doing so?
  • How much are you currently budgeting for your marketing/advertising?
  • Do you know what your return on investment or ROI is?
  • Will updating or revising your current marketing plan require a bigger budget or can you simply re-allocate money from what what isn’t working into something new?
  • Is your marketing strategy measurable and reproducible?
  • Does your strategy account for growth of your business?

At Profits Marketing Group, we offer a free consultation to assess your marketing plan or strategy. We provide recommendations and tools to help strengthen your current plan or perhaps help you to develop one for your local business.

For San Diego area small-to-medium businesses, complete the form below for your Marketing Strategy session. Stop wondering if you are on the right business track and learn about all of your options today.

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