Lead Generation for Retirement Communities and Assisted Living

retirement1San Diego retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and other senior homes are extraordinarily competitive so your marketing should be competitive as well. Times have changed and word-of-mouth marketing isn’t enough, nor are outdated methods, such as print and direct mail very effective. After all, your real

    target market isn’t 70-80 year-olds. Instead, it is younger family members of prospective residents who need to be reached and engaged. The most effective means of doing that is through digital marketing, as businesses are searched and researched thoroughly online before they are contacted or visited.


    Lead generation through digital marketing strategies is both powerful and predictable, if well executed. Obviously, leads must be “qualified” leads (e.g. legitimate prospects to become clients, patients, or customers), but that applies to any method of marketing. In order to determine return on investment (ROI) on a lead generation campaign, the value of a qualified lead must also be factored in. Based on 2014 data from the retirement industry, the average value placed on a retirement community lead in the U.S. was between $70,000-80,000 over the lifetime. Those numbers come from the average of $2000-3000 per month living fees (variable depending upon region and level of care) and multiplied by an average of 33-35 months for the duration of residency. A typical digital marketing approach via online advertising, content marketing, or social media campaigns can result in as great as an 800-1000% ROI!
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