Facebook Armageddon 2018- Not So Much

So, unless you were hibernating last week, you undoubtedly heard all about the big changes for Facebook Business pages. But before we all go underground to escape the “Facebook Apocalypse”, some pretty big names (Jon Loomer Digital, Mari Smith, Digital Marketer, Owen Video, just to name a few) have come out to say this isn’t the end of the world for businesses or even marketers.

What Does It Really Mean?

In reality, it will likely rid Facebook of affiliate marketers and those who simply promote “stuff” constantly instead of engaging people. Also, it now makes paid promotions (i.e. Facebook ads) even more significant, as Facebook was already kind of phasing out organic reach anyway. Most experts predict that these changes won’t really effect business pages on Facebook all that much at all.

In my opinion, this is an opportunity for those who can engage viewers and for those have a good handle on how to run effective Facebook ad campaigns. So, the best advise from those with business pages that want to get their message out: Post content that your audience likes and engages with, rather than making it about selling your stuff. This is a good general social media principle anyway.  #FacebookBusinessPages #FacebookAdvertising #SocialMediaMarketing #DigitalMarketing #FacebookChanges2018

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