Video Marketing

Optimized Video Marketing for Local Business

Allure of Video

Video is engaging. Aside from a face-to-face meeting, nothing feels like the connection you get through video. You see the person, hear their voice, watch their body language, etc. all in a way that you can’t get through a blog or Facebook post. Our agency offers both “Done For You (DFY)” and DIY video marketing services.

Powerful Statistics
Video is also powerful. A website with an embedded video stands a 53 times greater chance of ranking on page 1 of Google for that search term. On average, a traditional website will attract visitors to stay around 35-40 seconds, where the same website with video has visitors stick around for over 2:30 (or over 4 times longer). Cisco estimates that by the year 2018, approximately 78% of all web traffic will be video.

Video Marketing: Far More Than Just Shooting Videos

There is a distinct difference between “video production” and “video marketing”. Video production involves setting up lighting and sound, shooting the video, editing and putting it together to make it look nice. Video marketing, on the other hand, includes the above services but then focuses efforts on optimizing, distributing, and syndicating your videos so that they are seen by your intended audience. There is a saying in our industry that says “having a great looking video without good marketing behind it is like having an amazing billboard for your business but putting it in the middle of the desert.”


Also, a critical point to remember is that your objective with video marketing for business is not necessarily for your videos to “go viral”. Instead of wanting 500,000 people to see your video, you want the right 500 people to see it. Have you targeted your market, your prospective clients, customers, or patients? You should care more about actions than views. Are viewers taking the action you need, which can range from visiting your website, calling your business, or buying your product or service online?

Optimizing video via video marketing starts with scripting your videos. Using the right words and making it the right length to encourage viewers to take action. It also includes researching and correctly employing things like keywords, descriptions, tags, etc. to increase the chances of Google or other major search engines indexing your videos high. This process is also known as Video SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Finally, we distribute your optimized videos not only to YouTube, but to many other highly-visited sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. as well as to your website. This process not only ensures a higher chance of your videos being watched, shared, liked, etc., but also will drive much of that traffic back to your website (or other designated destination that you choose).