Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Is No Longer An Option

Video is engaging. Aside from a face-to-face meeting, nothing feels like the connection you get through video. You see the person, hear their voice, watch their body language, etc. all in a way that you can’t get through a blog or Facebook post. Our agency offers both “Done For You (DFY)” and DIY video marketing services.

Powerful Statistics
Digital storytelling with video is also powerful. A website with an embedded video stands a 53 times greater chance of ranking on page 1 of Google for that search term. On average, a traditional website will attract visitors to stay around 35-40 seconds, where the same website with video has visitors stick around for over 2:30 (or over 4 times longer). On social media channels like Facebook, video is shared 1200% more than traditional text or photo posts.

More important is that video works. Videos are more memorable and 85% of consumers say that video helped their decision making process.

Video Marketing: Far More Than Just Shooting Videos

Far beyond just video production, video marketing includes that process but also the more critical pieces prior to production (like research, strategy, and creating video scripts that convert), plus the post-production steps of optimizing videos for search, and syndicating them throughout the web so that your audience sees them. The research includes researching and correctly employing things like keywords, descriptions, tags, etc. to increase the chances of Google or other major search engines indexing your videos high. This ever-changing process is known as Video SEO or Search Engine Optimization

We are a video culture and you have a compelling story to tell. Tell it with video