Search Engine Optimization for Video (Video SEO)

Optimizing Your Videos For Better Performance (Video SEO)

Do you know what SEO or Video SEO is? Search engine optimization or SEO is both powerful and mysterious. Search engine optimization is “behind the scenes” stuff that increases the chances of your website or other content indexing or ranking high on Google or other search engines and improving chances that your content is found by searchers (and we all want that, right?).

Videos can significantly improve your rankings and SEO faster and more predictably than other content because Google LOVES video and video results will outrank other content! Did you know that video marketing is the fastest growing form of online marketing and branding? Videos also produce the strongest attraction for online searchers and build relationships and credibility much better than blog posts or social media.

Maybe you already have videos but will people find them online? Will the right audience find them? Optimized video marketing is about what happens after the video is made and uploaded to your website or YouTube channel. It includes search engine optimization or video SEO, among other techniques. By the way, this works with new videos or even those that you’ve had for awhile but aren’t getting much attention. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process. Watch the video below.